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Club Information

                    ZVR                                              561497465

                    Charterfeier                           24.10.1959

                    E-Mail Adresse           

                    Adresse                                      Ing. Max Häuserer
                                                                             Schaumbergstraße 7
                                                                             4081 Hartkirchen

                    Sitzungen                                  jeden 2. und 4. Donnerstag im Monat
                                                                            19:30 Uhr im Hotel „Grünes Türl“
                                                                            Gebersdorf 1
                     4701 Bad Schallerbach
                    Tel. Hotel: 07249/48163

                    Bankname                                Sparkasse OÖ

                    IBAN (Hauptkonto)            AT68 2032 0121 0000 8173

                    BIC/SWIFT                              ASPKAT2XXX

                    Distrikt                                      114 M

                    Region                                        114 M-1

                    Zone                                            114 M-16

                    Datum der Gründung       03.03.1959

                    LCI Club Nummer               22053

                    Pate von                                    Fuschlsee-Mondsee (AT), Wels Land Traunau (AT), Marchtrenk Welser Heide (AT), Peuerbach (AT)